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GPS Logger App for iPhone and iPad.

The Best GPS Logger App

WayLog is the best GPS logger app on iPhone/iPad.

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Features of WayLog

WayLog can be used to record travel routes for driving, cycling, running, walking, etc.
It is a GPS logger application. You can perform movement records and record viewing with a simple UI.
The following are superior points compared to other GPS logger apps.

The address information of the starting point and the ending point is displayed.
Displays graphs of distance traveled, speed, and altitude changes.
Referring to past records while logging movement.
Record status can be checked with Apple Watch.
Supports movement record by Apple Watch alone.
One-touch start of recording from the record button on the lock screen.
Supports display of Geospatial Information Authority (GSI) maps.
Supports recording the number of steps.
Automatic record stop timer function.
Records can be categorized and managed with tags.
Calendar linkage

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